Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana IL GLOBO


Gender: Male Female

Knowledge of the Italian language: none some average good

  • Please complete the entire application.
  • Please pay the enrollment fee and send a document confirming the payment. Payments can be made:
  1. via an international postal cheque
  2. via bank transfer
  • Please give the student's name, the course choice and the starting date on all the forms of the money transfer. Bank charges have to be paid by the student.


    1. The whole tuition fee can be paid in advance together with the enrollment fee, but must be paid at latest on your first course day in the school office in Florence in cash, by international check or by Traveler's Check.
    2. Cancellations within 30 days of start date will be fully refunded, less the registration fee of 60 Euros. In no case can money be refunded after the courses have started.
    3. The accommodation fees can be paid cash to the landlord within the first two days after your arrival in Florence. If you ask for a reservation in an apartment/studio you have to pay a deposit of the amount of a one week rent while enrolling for the course.
    4. Minor students must lodge with families.
    5. Cancellations and postponings of courses must be notified to the school office by cable or registered letter at least 20 days before the course begin. Only in this case IL GLOBO will accredit the enrollment fee paid for a later course. If students attend classes irregularly or if they leave off the course for personal reasons, they cannot claim partial reimbursement of the tuition fees. The school is closed on Italian public holidays. The missing lessons will not be made up and there is no refund.
    6. IL GLOBO claims no responsibility for injuries, damage or loss of property either within the school building, during outside activities organized by the school or within the lodgings. Any damages caused by the student in the school building or in the lodgings must be paid directly by him or herself.
    7. We recommend to our students to take out an insurance before leaving their country which covers health, accidents and theft. Students from EU-countries can ask their insurance for the E-111-form (medical certificate for foreign countries).

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