Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana IL GLOBO


For all of you interested in improving your Italian language skills in the comfort of your own home, IL GLOBO offers you its latest project:

The school's instructors are now available to teach you "at home" giving you a personalized Italian language course.

By communicating via e-mail or fax, it is now possible to attend an Italian course just like the ones offered at IL GLOBO in Florence, Italy.

All courses include:

The instructor will constantly follow the student's progress, assess his/her needs and create an individual personalized course to help develop and improve his/her Italian language skills and knowledge of the Italian culture.

To see an example of lesson, CLICK HERE


Lessons - 30 euro each* - must be paid in advance, either in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer** .

*Special price of 25 euro offered after the 10th lesson.

**Minimum of 10 lessons required to pay by bank transfer.

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